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Our name, Color Us Simply Holistic, sums up the essence of what our company stands for:  A society where every race, religion, ethnicity, and gender is embraced and celebrated. When we see mixed groups of people interacting in a caring way towards each other, we use the hashtag #colorussimplyholistic and ask that our customers do the same–We even reward the interaction with a small gift to both, the observer and the ones being observed to show our appreciation that they are making a positive impact on the human condition.

We also love everything STEM, I guess it comes naturally because our Co-Founder is a Chemical Engineer.  To ensure that there will be many other STEM lovers in the future, we support Wired In Computer Science—A local computer science educational company that teach youth to code.

We want to live in a world that is safe, sustainable, and happy.  We're doing our part by creating clean and sustainable beauty products that perform and make our customers happy, and we hope that they in turn, will spread some of that happiness to the people they encounter everyday! 

VLOG Love 

Our Buriti BUtter is highly moisturizing; yet light enough to style low prosity hair!

Why Your Hair Will Love It: 

BURITI OIL: Is an extremely rich oil that's chock-full of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin A, which are essential for rebuilding new skin cells that promote a healthier scalp and hair growth.

PALM OIL-is one of the largest natural sources of vitamin E, which is a potent anti-oxidant that fights against UV damage from the sun. In addition, the molecular structure of Palm Oil allows it to deeply penetrate the skin and hair, which makes it excellent at sealing in moisture. 

ORGANIC CASTOR OIL- provides luster and softness to the ends of  textured hair. It also quickly removes toxins from the hair, nourishes the scalp and stimulates hair follicles.

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